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Dashboard Rocker Switch Fix

Morgan Dash Rocker Switch Fix 

The indicators on Issy, my '69 Plus 8, had given up the ghost! Occasionally they could be persuaded to work by switching the hazard flasher on and off. 

You might think this is not a problem for a race car (who needs indicators on a race track) but she is fully registered and indicators are checked when you go to get a pink slip! 

The wiring diagram shows the power supply to the indicators runs through the hazard switch.  When the hazard switch is off and the ignition is on, power is delivered to the indicators. When the hazard switch is on, power no longer flows through the normal indicator circuit but instead flows to the hazard flasher circuit. 

The beauty of these older (late 60’s and 70’s) switches is they can be dismantled and internally they are very simple – just a few bits of copper and plastic. Examination showed overheating through a poor contact had melted a plastic component and the switch wasn’t switching! 

I enquired about a new switch from trusty Melvyn Rutter and found there was good news and bad news. The good news was they could supply, the bad news was it would cost £39 plus postage.  Now, as much as I want to keep Issy original, $150 for a switch was starting to sound a trifle beyond a joke. 

What to do? First option was simply to bypass the hazard switch and ensure the indicators had power supply. This was easy to do but what if I was asked to demonstrate hazard flashers at the next rego check? 

I decided if the switch is simple, a simple Plus 8 owner should be able to repair it. This was achieved by remanufacturing a small plastic rod (I used a plastic welding rod and drilled it). It was a fiddly operation but in the end it worked. 

So, if your dash switches fail don’t throw them away before first checking what’s happened inside. You may just be able to fix it and save a fortune!