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Rebuild or Service a 3.7 V6 Engine

Roadster 3.7 Rebuild

When a wrecked 2013 Roadster came my way in mid 2018 my plans were to simply use just the body for my Project Phoenix 1995 car. The MT 82 gearbox was good, however the 3.7 engine had suffered a holed block where the aircon compressor had snapped of in the accident.

I contemplated the pros and cons of keeping the 3.7 or going ahead with my Plan A, fitting a 2.0 litre Ford ecoboost engine. Given that the Roadster wreck provided fuel tank/pump/lines plus all the electronics, instruments etc to suit the 3.7 the final decision, Plan B,  was easy - go with the 3.7.

I have built several competition motors for my racing Plus 8 and my rally BMW but I had never worked on a quad cam, TVCT engine. I was initially intimidated by its complexity and my first inclination was to buy a complete engine from the USA - a 2012 Mustang 3.7 V6.

However I purchased a Haynes Mustang workshop manual and that gave me some confidence I could successfully move the good cylinder heads to a new short motor. I then subscribed to an online workshop manual which was absolutely brilliant - for US$29.00 p.a. I had access to the complete, genuine Ford manual. This gave me total confidence I could rebuild the motor using a new short motor.

Ultimately it was the easiest engine rebuild I have every done because everything was standard, unlike the competition motors.

If you have a 3.7 Roadster don’t be intimidated, be educated. Check out  eautorepair - for my needs I chose a manual for a 2012 Mustang as that is the year my engine was made. If you have a 3.0 l V6 find out which car it was in and you can do the same.

This site has given me everything I could possible need for confidently rebuilding the engine and the Ford manual is incredibly detailed with very good illustrations or photos. Of course it also gave me all the information needed on the clutch and transmission.Not only that, you can print everything either as a PDF or hard copy. Part numbers are given for most of the components. This engine was not available in Australian Mustangs but all parts needed were easily obtained from the USA, the only tricky bit was finding someone in the US to crate up the short motor to send to me.


Hopefully you will never need to rebuild your Morgan V6 but it does need to be maintained. Eautorepair manual is also great for servicing, be it installing a new oil filter, air filter or fitting new drive belts. Did you know there is a very special method for installing the stretch fit airconditioning compressor belt? Here it is.

Some service parts and part numbers for Ford 3.7 V6:

If you are looking for any engine/transmission parts for your 3.7 V6 an excellent place to search is the official Ford parts site, where you can search for a part and find its part number. Has good exploded diagrams.




Main drive serpentine belt - 6 rib micro V, 1390mm long, 20mm wide


Gates  K060547. Gates K060547RPM

AC Compressor 4 rib, stretch fit, 925mm x 14mm


Gates K040364SF

Oil Filter

Motorcraft FL500S

Ryco Z928, K&N HP-2011,

Fuel Filter - Lifetime in-tank filter

Air Filter

Motorcraft P926D

K&N 33-2431

Coolant expansion tank

98AB 8K218AK