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Hello and welcome to my shed. My name is Geoff Williams and now that I have retired from management consulting this is where I love to spend much of my time.

I have always been enthusiastic about cars - I think it stems from helping my dad fix the old bombs we inevitably had as our family transport in my youth.

It was a thrill to me when, in 1992, we welcomed a Morgan Plus 8 - a 1975 model - to our home. I just loved the history of this family company and to me the Plus 8 was the ideal model as I was familiar with the engine (same as our Range Rover at the time).

Well, one thing led to another and through the Morgan Owners Club of Australia I got involved in motorsport - initially helping out as an official but it didn't take long to get involved as a competitor. For a while I campaigned our '75 Plus 8 in sprints but eventually purchased a 1969 "Moss box" Plus 8 for historic motor racing. This car featured in the company's London Motor Show Car display of 1969. To turn Issy (as we called her) into a racing car I had to learn how to paint and how to weld - two skills which have proved valuable in the subsequent 15 years of racing.

I also like BMWs and a few years back built a 1982 Alpina B6 replica for competing in closed stage tarmac rallies as we (my wife is my navigator) felt we needed a strong car with a roof and full safety cage for these rallies which are conducted at full speed on closed public roads. Preparing this car for rallies is an important aspect of my shed time.

When mucking around in my shed I like to think about things I can make, whether car-related or not. I have always been a closet designer and in fact majored in Industrial Design in my university course.

These days I have found myself more time in the shed to satisfy this creative need and I am continuing to learn new skills which can be applied to such projects.

Occasionally I will make something which interests fellow Morgan owners and when that is the case I will offer it for sale which is one of the reasons I created this web site - to share ideas with others. So far these products include undertrays, steering damper kits and remote greasing kits and they have been purchased by enthusiastic Morgan owners around the world. Anything I earn from my shed products is currently reinvested in Project Phoenix.

I welcome any feedback on this website and any of your ideas for improving Morgans.

Geoff Williams