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Mechanical Brake Light Switch

Converting from Hydraulic to Mechanical Brake Light Actuation

On a Morgan club trip a friend who was following me asked if my brake lights were working as he hadn't seen them come on when I slowed. I checked and sure enough they were only coming on when I pushed the pedal hard, not on gentle application.

This is a common problem with brake lights actuated by hydraulic pressure so I decided to change over to mechanical actuation (like current Morgans and many other modern cars).

This was very easy. I purchased a Tridon stop light switch from my local auto parts store ($10). Made up a bracket and fitted the switch, lengthened the two wires so they could reach the wires to the original hydraulic switch, bolted the bracket to the floor and adjusted the switch so it was off until the brakes were pressed. Works a treat and slightly more compact than the factory item! Now the brake lights come on as soon as I push the pedal.

Switch and bracket

7mm holes for bolting to floor

Side view of switch in bracket

Mounted to floor

Hidden by carpet - all done