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Steering Damper Kits

Steering Damper Kits - out of stock until early 2021

Does your Morgan have front end wobbles or a mind of its own over bumps?

Featuring a quality German made Febi brand Mercedes Benz steering damper (MB part # 124-463-04-32), this kit can really help you get back in control and takes less than *half an hour to fit. (see customers comments below)

Complete kit AU$150 or supplied and fitted AU$200. End brackets available separately at AU$75 pair. Detailed fitting instruction included. More information in How Tos. Also available for Rack & Pinion steering and now available for cars without bumper bars.

Shipping within Australia is AU$20 for the full kit or brackets. For Overseas customers shipping is approx AU$40 for the brackets or AU$70 for full kit but please check with me first. With current exchange rates it may be more economical for overseas customers to buy the brackets from me and source the steering damper in their own country.

* Fitting time may be longer if there are wires or oil cooler pipes in the way.

Payment by cash, bank transfer or PayPal

From customers:


Damper fitted in accordance with your very clear instruction sheet & photos. I have owned this 1970 +8 from new and have struggled over the years to eliminate the vibration, some times severe at 55/65 mph, without any lasting success. Since fitting the damper the car has been used on both smooth and bumpy country roads. The damper has eliminated the dreaded shakes and the steering is much more precise on fast bends. The transformation from being quite a difficult and tiring car to drive to the delight it is now is remarkable. Ian, 1969 Plus 8, Scotland

I,ve given it a really good test over the last few days & I am pleased to say that the wobble seems to have been completly eliminated.In the past I have tried everything you could possibly think of to try to cure it.It seems a cure was just round the corner & so simple. I am really pleased with the result. Many Thanks, Regards Chris. 1968 Morgan, GB.

I recently purchased a steering damper for my 1973 4/4 Morgan from Geoff’s Shed and fitted it a couple of weeks ago.I am very pleased to report that the wheel wobble I previously experienced in my vehicle at 50-55 mph has disappeared completely. Last weekend the car had two extensive runs including some moderately high speed freeway running so was well tested and all traces of the wobble and vibration have disappeared’. I found the device easy to fit and quite inexpensive for the benefit to the car.

Many Thanks for your assistance. David True, Australia .

Dear Geoff,
Morgan is driving perfectly with the damper. No more wobbling. Don't have to keep both hands on the steering wheel. Just great, thank you.regards from Holland, Freddy Hoogland, 1996 Morgan Plus 8 with rack & pinion steering.

Geoff-----Just to tell you, we took a drive in our old Plus 8 around Vancouver this past weekend ---have been waiting for the weather to change--- and the shudder in the steering wheel has gone, all down to your steering damper kit.

Hi, Geoff!
Your brackets arrived two days ago (just 10 days from you to east coast of the USA!), and I installed them with a Mercedes SLK damper yesterday.  The improvement in handling, especially on rough roads, is impressive.  Steering effort doesn't seem to have increased.  Thanks so much. Sam, USA

The steering damper works a treat, very happy with it and noticed quite a difference out on the open road going to Mudgee and back. Much more “sure footed” on the windy , and rough, bits in particular. Richard, Australia.

Hello Geoff
Just wanted to let you know that I just completed a 250 mile trip to a British car show with the damper set you sold me and it was like driving a new Morgan. There was no sign of the Morgan "shake". Made my trip very enjoyable. Many thanks. Bob , USA, 62 Morgan Plus 4 4 seater.

Hi Geoff
It was fantastic-just like a magic bullet.  All the vibrations have gone and the steering is much much better.  I appreciated the support, and was really impressed with the quality of the kit.  It looks just like a factory item. Thanks a lot and I hope to catch up again so I can thank you in person. Cheers. Ian, Australia. Plus 8.

Thank you Geoff, for making my Morgan drivable. Regards. Doug. New Zealand. 1977 Plus 8

My choices were :-  1. Sell the car ?   2. Go back to damper blades. 3. Strip the front end and change the castor angle to 6 degrees (may do this on re-furb anyway ) or try your mod with a steering damper I’m pleased to say it has worked a treat and would recommend it to anyone. It has not made an appreciable difference to the weight of the steering either. As an aside it was more straightforward for me to fit the damper onto the steering drop arm from the steering box rather than the track rod just seemed more out of the way with better clearance. Seems to work fine anyway. So Thanks very much and Good Luck. Dermot, UK. 1980 Plus 8.

A drivers perspective: The steering is slightly heavier at low speed and sharp turns, yet this is more than compensated by the smooth feel of the wheel whilst touring, especially when hitting rough bits of bitumen, and especially when caught short by a pot hole (of which there are many where I live). Jon Bate. Australia. 4/4

Dear Geoff
Thank you - I collected a parcel yesterday, fitted  the damper to the car today and have just returned from a test drive. I expected the steering to be heavier yet the damper actually makes little difference. I wish I had done this years ago.. Mike, New Zealand, 1952 flat rad plus four (no bumpers)

Hi Geoff
My steering damper is arrived. Thank you very much. The shipping was really really fast. My Morgan says "thank you Geoff". I had no problem to fit the damper on my car. I drove my 4/4 and the wobble was almost disappeared. Thank you very much... my Morgan seems like a new car. Cristiano, Italy, 1985 4/4

Hello Geoff

Took the car out on Tuesday, a lovely sunny winters day. WELL, it has transformed the car, it is amazing. Hands off the wheel and there is no movement. At 50 mph there is no wheel woggle. It has made a new driving experience. I will be telling all my Morgan friends. Thank you so much for this simple solution to more pleasurable driving. Stuart. England, 1976 4/4

Well Geoff, all I can say is thank you!  I have just come back from a "motorway" run and the wheel wobble is finally gone! Peter, 1994 4/4, Ireland.

 Installed the steering damper this AM. What a difference! What a pleasure to be able to cruise comfortably at any speed. Oh, and thanks for advising to relocate the bumper brackets outboard to allow for full steering. Ted, 1956 Plus 4, Canada.

Just did a 100km test drive, dual carriageway and mountain roads. Much better all round. No longer having to hang on with two hands on the dual carriageway and much smoother on the mountain roads. Hamish, 2013 4/4, France.

Kit for Rack & Pinion steering (top) and older Burman/Gemmer steering (below) - $130 or $180 fitted

Brackets Rack & Pinion steering (above)

and for older Burman/Gemmer  (below)  

Kit for cars without bumpers or bumper supports - attaches to lower cross member and drag link / R&P arm