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Zetec 4/4 maintenance Parts

After assisting a friend prepare his 1995 4/4 for a round Australia trip in 2013 I thought it may be useful to share with owners of similar cars the part numbers for all maintenance items.


Air Filter - Toyota Tarago/Lite Ace. Repco RAF 127 ,   Ryco A333 ,   Toyota 1780154050      

Fuel Pump Lucas 4FP 73351A

 Fan Belt - 6 rib 915mm Dayco, Gates etc 6PK0915      

Oil Filter Ryco Z63      

Fuel Filter Ford 1 022 150 (or 92FB9155AB)      

Brake Fluid Castrol Super Response Dot  4      

Diff OIl Castrol EPX 80W/90      

Grease Castrol Heavy Duty (LMX)      

Leaf Springs Lubricant Castrol Chain Lube (spray)



Camshaft belt Motorcraft 928M6268A2D

Camshaft belt Gates 5360XS

Camshaft belt tensioner - small Motorcraft 928M6M250DC

Camshaft deflection guide pulley Motorcraft 928M6M250BC

Camshaft belt tensioner Motorcraft 928M6K254AC


Coolant hoses (silicone):    

Upper front   35mm straight

Upper rear   35mm 90°

Lower front   38mm straight

Lower to water pump   38mm to 44mm 90°      

Water Pump Ford Zetec


Front hubs: Holden Trailer Kit Timken KIT6007T

Inboard bearing Timken LM67048

Inboard race Timken LM67010

Outboard bearing Timken LM11949

Outboard race Timken LM11910

Oil seal Federal Mogul 472164 ,   Chicago Rawhide CR 17387 ,   SKF CR 17387


Heater Matrix KL AW38506 - Same as Lotus Elise S1