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Daytime Running Lights

Daytime running lights (DRLs) are a great safety device and save driving with the headlights on during the day. The challenge was to fit DRLs which suit the classic Morgan lines but are still effective.

I was able to convert the small sidelights on my '75 Plus 8 to 9W “eagle eye” LEDs which are available cheaply on eBay (fitting of the LEDs is easier in the larger sidelights fitted to post 1977 cars - see below). Then I designed a circuit which allowed the DRLs to operate when the ignition is turned on but automatically dim to sidelight strength when the sidelights or headlights are switched on. It is a legal requirement that DLRs must extinguish when headlights are switched on.

Incorporated into the circuit is a dimmer control so the brightness in sidelight mode can be adjusted to suit the owners. Below is a circuit diagram for DIYers. You will see that the relay is actually used to turn power off rather than on.

July 2014

In sidelight mode - LEDs dimmed

With DRLs on

Post 1977 Morgans (with larger sidelights).

There is less modification needed for converting the light units on these cars to DLRs. The picture below left shows the innards of the light converted to DLRs by removing the conventional light globe housing and then fitting the eagle eye LED.

“Eagle Eye” LED installed in original bracket.

I ended up earthing the light to this bracket also.

The installed DLRs