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This corner of my shed site is to share with you what I am currently working on.

June 2022

Project Phoenix is complete!

At the end of May I was able to have the completed car checked for road registration which she passed with flying colours. Here’s some pics of the finished Morgan Plus 6.

February 2022

Painting under way

The painting is now underway and I couldn’t be happier with the great job Jim is doing.

In December I did say everything is ready for the painter but that doesn’t mean just spraying on a coat of colour. The epoxy primer has to be sanded, primer surfacer applied and small irregularities rectified and then more light primer which is then sanded back to 800grit. A long and laborious process but then the base coat and clear can be applied to give a wonderful finish. There is no way I could have matched the quality Jim has achieved.

I have collected some of the painted parts and by end February all the painted parts will be back in the shed awaiting assembly onto the chassis.

December 2021

Everything is now ready for the painter with the final piece of the jigsaw, an undertray modified to take a pair of Hella fog lights, now complete. Unfortunately painter one changed jobs, painter two decided to retire at Christmas and so I am now hoping that painter three will do the job early in the new year.

All the wiring to the lights is now complete and I can do a little work on the interior trim/carpet whilst waiting for the painter.

August 2021

After months of smoothing, filling, sanding and priming in epoxy primer the bodywork is now complete. These pics are of the car with the panels loosely held on. Our current COVID lockdown may push back the painter’s schedule but in the meantime I can progress with other bits and pieces such as wiring connectors, bonnet latches and interior carpets.

Rack and Pinion Steering Conversion

I have been intensively researching options for converting Morgans from steering box to power rack and pinion. With a factory manual rack and fittings costing well over $3000 I am keen to find an economical alternative with the same centre take off design as the factory setup.. I think I have found it. More in the coming months.



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