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This corner of my shed site is to share with you what I am currently working on.

February 2021

Things have been progressing well with work now well under way on the front wings. These 4/4 wings have had to be widened by adding about 70mm to the inside edge and lengthened by about 60mm to match the wider stance of the rebuild and the Roaster body.

The traditional way of adding this extra sheet metal would have been by butt welding. This method, however, leads to quite a bit of distortion even when carefully done so I have chosen to use a more 21st century method by using structural adhesive and a stepped lap joint reinforced at some points with spot welds. After  all, if its good enough for Morgan, BMW and Boeing to glue their products together its good enough for me.

The process necessitates a good supply of clamps. The adhesive I am using is Sikapower 4720 and gives a 1 hour window to hold everything together before the adhesive starts to cure. Curing takes 24 hrs. This photo shows the first join (from bulkhead to front) being bonded.

This photo shows the completed wing
ready for filling and priming.

November 2020

Advancing well with the body panels now. The body tub has been repaired and coated in epoxy primer ready for the painter. The rear wings have also been widened, repaired and primed along with the new number plate panel. Starting on the front wings now. These being from the 1995 4/4 they need to be both lengthened and widened to suit the wider/longer chassis.

September 2020

The body tub is now repaired and ready for the epoxy primer.

I had the steel wings, bonnets, cowl and rear number plate holder stripped by RediStrip. They did a fabulous job and the panels come back protected from rust and ready for priming.

Steel will need to be added to the inside edge of both front and back wings to allow full coverage of the wheels.

July 2020

Onto the body….

By end June I had finished the aircon plumbing and rebuilt the front calipers on Project Phoenix and they were the last items needing attention on the rolling chassis.

With the rolling chassis finished I am able to park it elsewhere in the shed and move the Roadster donor body to the hoist.

I have now started to repair the frame and body. This requires replacing or repairing parts of the timber frame and repairing small dents in the rear panel and drivers side door. The panel behind the door was badly damaged and I have fabricated a new panel.

June 2020

The new aircon condensor and plumbing are all now installed. This condensor is not only larger than the factory installation it is also oriented correctly with the inlet at the top and outlet at the bottom.

Rack and Pinion Steering Conversion

I have been intensively researching options for converting Morgans from steering box to power rack and pinion. With a factory manual rack and fittings costing well over $3000 I am keen to find an economical alternative with the same centre take off design as the factory setup.. I think I have found it. More in the coming months.



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