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Remote Greasing Kit

Remote Greasing Kit -back in stock

Torture Tested Around Australia!

Regular greasing of the kingpins is an essential part of Morgan maintenance. Never a fun job, it has been made even more onerous with the newer cars requiring the front wheels to be removed for accessing the top kingpin greasing point every 1600km (1000miles).  

This remote grease system is designed to enable you to grease the top and bottom of the Morgan front suspension kingpins without having to either remove the road wheel or lie under the car.

All the fittings are of professional quality, designed for high pressures and feature push-in capture of the nylon tube rather than the cumbersome olives used in some systems. The tubes can be easily removed and reinserted multiple times.

The top and bottom kingpin fittings are of swivel design, allowing full suspension and steering travel without stress on the tubing.

The grease blocks are drilled to allow mounting on the inside of the engine bay.

All tubing is external to the engine bay.

The kits take about 3 hours to install (longer on cars which have the older suspension with damper blades).

New version now available - smaller footprint of grease block enables fitting in tighter areas. Click here for a template.


The kits are available at AUD$230 for the kit. Current V6 roadsters may need to add AUD$40 for heat insulation shielding depending on where the grease blocks can be fitted.

Packing and shipping to most overseas countries is AUD$60 but please check with me first.

Packing and shipping within Australia is $20. Payment by cash, bank transfer or PayPal.

These three Morgans travelled around Australia in 2013 - a 1995 4/4, a 1978 Plus 8 and a 2012 Roadster. Each was fitted with our remote greasing system which worked perfectly all the way. In total the cars travelled 60,000km including remote outback gravel roads.

Can I fit this kit to my Morgan?

Click below for the full fitting instructions.

If you have an older model Morgan without a factory or Mulfab lower bearing upgrade then you will need to modify the bronze thrust plate underneath the spring.